Online Singing Lessons

We’ve moved! Ok, well, we haven’t physically gone far. We’re now fully online and have started teaching students from as far away as Australia direct from Canada’s capital. No matter where you are, so long as you have internet, we’re on your doorstep. We’ve moved our current studio students to online platforms such as Zoom and Rockoutloud. We surveyed our student team and found that singers are enjoying their new lessons, 100% satisfied and continuing to make great progress with their vocals. There are also new collaborative projects happening, making the most of our tech!

Although we miss seeing our students in person, we’re excited to be expanding our network of budding singers and professional performers. We continue to offer free taster sessions for singers to experience partnering and working with us. Whether you’re wanting to promote yourself online, prepare for auditions, are curious about singing and improving, then now is a perfect time to get in touch.

In these strange and challenging times, singing can bring much needed stress relief. Singing has been proven to enhance your mood with a release of endorphines that help you feel good. So get singing!

Our current students are working towards pro band gigs, auditions for University Musical Theatre programs, RCM Voice exams, singing in choirs and for fun! Whatever your music interests and goals, we can help you get to where you want to be.

Better singing starts here

Free up your voice, expand your range, improve your tone and pitch and free up your voice to perform the way you want.

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