What’s new? Performance Coaching, that’s what!

Performance Coaching? Yep. Performance coaching helps musicians fine tune their on stage delivery. Great athletes have coaches to work on getting the best out of every competition, game, race, or basically, their performance. A Music Performance Coach does the same for musicians. I’m fast approaching my certification in Life Coaching with a specialization in Performance Coaching. Coaching works on the mindset you bring when getting your music out there in front of audiences be they real time or virtual. Sometimes it’s a matter of changing the inner messaging, sometimes it’s a matter of getting back in touch with your purpose and passion.

Have you ever found yourself on stage about to perform and the voice in your head is asking unhelpful questions like “What made you think this was a good idea?” or “Seriously, what’s my first note?”. Or worse, the voice that just rips your confidence to shreds with comments like “They’re going to hate this”, “You can’t do this” or “Just go home”. You can bet that those voices are not the ones that dominate successful musicians’ minds.

So how do you tame the inner critic/s? That’s where aspects of sports psychology and coaching can help. Coaches work on optimising the messaging and helping you to figure out the steps along the way to putting your mental game on the right path to your success.

But what about those times when you just don’t get the same satisfaction from performing that you once did? Well a coach can help you find ways to reconnect with where the excitement came from, how to get it back and where it will take you next. Music is a journey; emotional and mental and sometimes physical too. It’s not always what we expect and can throw us some surprises along the way. A coach can help get to the root of what’s happening for you and where you’d like to go next.

For more info, check out the Music Performance Coach page from the tab above and get in touch if you’d like a free discovery session to learn more.

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