Singing Lessons

The music studio offers singers from beginners to advanced an opportunity to explore their voices, hone their skills and perform!  The studio is a busy place with students who are supportive of one another and who perform a wide range of music styles.  Students have gone on to universities to study singing and have had success in exams, auditions and bands.  Others have enjoyed learning about their unique instruments and had fun gaining confidence to sing at weddings, in choirs and for their own pleasure.

If you’re a beginner, plucking up the courage to try lessons out can be daunting, but rest assured that lessons are aimed at being fun and educational.  Learning to work with an instrument you can’t see comes with its own challenges and the sessions are aimed at making you aware of your posture, breath support and the feel of good singing.  The lesson starts with a look at how you use your body to sing and through further exercises works on various areas of technique which then leads to singing some songs.  Depending on your aims (ie. auditions, joining a choir, taking exams, performing, having fun etc), we will look at songs suited to your abilities and your preferred style as well as songs that will stretch you vocally and technically.

   “Thank you for a wonderful evening on Saturday.  You should be incredibly proud of your performers – what a talented and brave bunch!  Thank you too for helping E to find her voice and confidence to actually perform.” L Butters – Parent

For the advanced student, help will be given to fine tune your instrument while looking at songs you are performing or working towards.  Warm-up exercises are chosen to develop specific areas of your technique and address the demands of the songs you are preparing.  Advice on audition material, presentation and performance will also be given.  We’ll explore your pre-performance set up; how you prepare physically and mentally to give yourself the best chance of success.

“I’ve loved my lessons.  Thanks again. I really wouldn’t have had the confidence without your guidance.” Suzy McAthy – Actress

All students are offered an initial taster session to find out what your aims and goals are with suggestions on how your lessons would develop to achieve these.  As a result sessions range in length, cost and how many are needed depending on your individual needs.  Lessons and, at the appropriate stage, performances are generally offered during school term times.

Singing lessons can offer students of all ages so much more than a sound technique.  They can help improve:
  • posture
  • general voice and speech production
  • confidence with public speaking and putting ideas across
  • learning languages
  • breath control and increase your range
  • and of course improve your singing!

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