Performance Coaching

Can you relate to any of the following after a performance/gig/concert?

  • You feel dissatisfied with how you performed.

  • Wishing things had gone differently.

  • It went ok, but you don’t have that buzz of excitement.

  • You’re frustrated that it didn’t go as you had hoped.

  • It was a good performance, but you’re asking yourself if there is more.

  • You feel stuck.

If so, then it’s time to work out what’s going on and get you back in your groove.  A sports coach helps athletes to develop their athletic performance both physically and mentally.  A Music Performance Coach works on your inner, mental game to help you find a mindset that moves you forward.  What goes through your head as you go on stage?  What messages do you give yourself in the lead up to a performance?  Are these thoughts sabotaging your game, leaving you falling short of what you want?

It may be that you’ve lost your way due to other factors, like moving into a more competitive level of music (ie. into University or with a band), or with a new group of musicians.  Changes can really affect our focus and ability to perform the way we know we can.  Performance coaches can help to get to the core of what’s going on and move you forward into feeling more confident and in control of what you’re doing.

Like your playing/singing, it takes time to get your head to focus on a new approach.  Finding a better way of thinking, with practice, can make a big difference to the way you approach your music, your performances and your satisfaction.

I’m a musician who has gone through all the self doubting, ”bad’ performances when you truly wish aliens would invade.  I’ve had to coach myself and learn the hard way.  I’m now a life coach with expertise in performance coaching and am excited to partner with musicians at all stages to find their stage game and confidence.

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Coaching is a series of confidential calls via phone or zoom which assess where you’re at, where you want to be and a way to get there.  Make a change, be accountable and progress forwards.