Singing Lessons at the Kanata Studio- Fall 2021

Hi Singers!

Have you checked out our new website: There’s lots of info, articles, reviews etc to check out. Try out a free taster singing lesson there too. You’ll still find updated news here but there’s more links and info on the new site, so click the link.

It’s beginning to look a lot like (‘Christmas’ for those of you picking up on the lyric vibe) Covid is being tamed (she writes with a degree of optimism coupled with nervous peaks at the 4th wave statistics). We’re planning some in person events for the fall and winter in Kanata. Our studio singers have been really impressed with their continued progress online.

It’s disappointing that singing is one of those high risk Covid activities when it comes to transmission. We want to keep all of our students and teachers safe here at the studio and so we are opting to remain online for the time being while keeping an eye on options for future in person lessons and events. We continue to work with students from around the world and enjoy meeting and working with new singers online. We use a mixture of platforms including Rockoutloud which has a free app for singers to use.

Our studio singers have been really impressed with their continued progress online. We encourage new students to try out the format with a free taster singing lesson.

We currently have students auditioning for musical theatre programs at the Royal Academy of Music UK, for the TV talent show ‘Star Academie TVA’ and preparing for the 2022 Kiwanis music competition. We’re thrilled live performances are opening up once again and are helping singers get back up on stage by working on performance prep and nerves, as well as honing songs ready to perform.

Check out performances on our Facebook: Sharp Performance Singer’s Studio and Instagram sharp_performance_studio feeds.

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