Voice Problems

Some students are referred to singing lessons following voice problems and treatment with Speech and Language Therapists or at a Voice Clinic.  Recovering singers and voice users are given specific exercises to assist with their progress, ensuring they are using good singing technique and employing sensible strategies.  Please note that not all cases of voice dysphonia can be resolved with singing lessons and it will depend on the results of the initial assessment as to whether the vocal issues can be addressed in this way.

“After having tests at my local ENT Clinic and then being referred to a voice specialist, it was suggested that if I wanted to continue singing regularly, I would benefit from spending some time with a singing teacher.  Having never had a lesson, I was advised to learn how to sing in a safer way to prevent any further damage to my vocal chords.  Diana not only enabled me to understand the problems I had been experiencing, but she was also able to show me how to overcome these difficulties.  I found that the time spent with Diana was always enjoyable and of real value to me.  Both my confidence and ability have improved and my enjoyment of singing has been restored.” Bev Moir

“Several years ago I damaged my larynx and was told by a voice therapist that I would never be able to sing again.  A few years later I decided that I would have another try and was recommended to contact Diana.  Right from my initial lesson Diana has been very positive and her lessons have been interesting and fun.  After six months I have now been able to join a choir and much to my delight to be able to sing again.” Angela Davies


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